Gasp Logo Design

The What:

This logo design came from a two-week long design competition hosted on a public art and design Discord server. While I have lost the original prompt, it went a little something like this:

Gasp is an architectural design agency focused around environmentally sustainable and conscious urban development, with a goal of getting organic plant life back into the concrete jungle. They want a logo that speaks not only to their core values but also to the concept of the word Gasp.

After being a runner up in the contest, I followed up by making other related branding materials.

The Why:

Gasp Final Logo

When I started working on the logo design, I thought a lot about what it meant to live in nature. One of the first things I thought about were tree-houses, like a truly spectacular one from something like The Swiss

Family Robinson or Codename: Kids Next Door. I then took that concept and abstracted it further, thinking about what a literal tree-house would be like. (Perhaps something carved into a mighty Sierran Redwood?) And with that, I had a concept for the iconography of the logo.

The logo-type was pretty straight-forward. I wanted something modern to match with the tree-house, and I also wanted it to be open to the air. Sansation proved to be the perfect font for my needs.

Gasp Stationary Mockup

When making the letterhead for the company, I also wanted to reflect their morals in a practical way. To achieve this, I used a very minimal header and gave wide margins for the type to minimize the need for multiple pages. Along with a note at the bottom to encourage recycling of documents, this would be the most echo-friendly letterhead I could develop. However, to make it painfully clear the origin of the letterhead even from a distance, I placed a faint yet large watermark on the side of the page.