Secrets Of Vault 9 Magazine Article

The What:

Vault 9 was a series of documents published by WikiLeaks detailing the CIA’s cyber warfare and intelligence gathering ability, including the ability to compromise some cars, internet browsers, smartphones and other smart devices. Shortly after the leak, I decided to make the first page of a magazine article about the leak.

As part of this, I wanted to make a design that was not part of the clean and crisp design style I was using so frequently and instead do something gritty. Because of this, I figured this project would be a perfect time to do just that.

The How:

The main graphics – the cityscape, the surveillance camera walkers, and the sky – I made to push the concept of a dark and gritty future surveillance state in which complacency has allowed our freedoms to be taken from us. I then used the title – The Secrets Of Vault 9 – to separate the bulk of the graphics from the beginning of the article. I used a torn paper effect and the partially obscured text to further emphasize the idea of secrets being revealed.