CTRL Clothing Brand


I long loved many of the cool designs seen in modern fashion design, with one caveat: I hated how many graphics used in clothing are blatant advertisements for their own brand that transform the wearer into walking billboards. One day, I decided to change this. I wanted to offer my own brand that provided really cool clothing that is free from advertisements and allows the wearer to take back control in the messages their clothing is sending. So I made CTRL

CTRL is a contemporary brand that offers contemporary designs for a limited time. Once they are gone, they are gone forever. The clothing will avoid use of it’s own branding as clothing graphics, but it’s brand will represent the style of work you can expect on the clothing.

CTRL is not currently selling products while I look for a new printing solution. This page will be updated once I do.


The Control key on your keyboard (Typically abbreviated “CTRL”) has an internationally reconized icon¬†which I adapted for the branding icon. This not only represents the control key from which I take the name of the brand, but also visually represent’s the captain’s wheel from a sailing ship. This is to symbolize the control over the fashion journey I am providing my customers. I then used a bold typeface to match the icon and to represent the visual impact the clothing brand will have.