Vermont Animation Festival Brand

The What:

The Vermont Animation Festival is an annual festival hosted by Lyndon State College and Catamount Arts for both local and traveling animators to filmmakers to show their work. The festival takes place late in the fall in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont. I was approached originally in 2015 to design a logo for the festival, and then asked in late 2017 to work on a full brand design based on the logo.

The Why:

The logo works to represent the concept of animation, motion, and change by taking three abstract leaf shapes in the process of transformation not just through their motion from one side of the logo to the other, but also by the changing of colors from a healthy and young green to a terminal orange-red. The soft forms and playful colors are contrasted by bold and modern logo type.

Example of the mono scheme on the brand orange

When producing a monochromatic version of the logo, I had to create a version that was still recognizable without the color or opacity that is so powerful in the original version. This was done with two small cut-outs that give the impression of separation between the leaves. While the monochromatic logo should be used only when necessary, it still faithfully carries the brand identity of the original.

Award badges for selected animations.

One unique request was an award “badge” that the festival could pass to featured films and award winners to place on media. I took the leaf forms and used them to create a unique twist to a common trend.