NVU Rack Card

The What:

While working at Lyndon State College’s Office of Communications and Marketing, I was tasked with the creation of a rack-card that would advertise our new combined institution that we were in the process of re-branding ourselves into, Northern Vermont University. This would be a condensed version of our view-book, which was a magazine sized booklet that covered everything there was to say about the NVU experience while showcasing brilliant photography of the campuses and surrounding region.

The How:

While following NVU brand guidelines, which was still in a state of flux at the time of creation, I created something that would tell a story in the order in which a reader interacted with it. First of all, it would display the programs of study available at each campus, which to many potential students is a make-or-break factor for a college. If they don’t teach what I want to learn, there is no point in looking further. If they are interested, they can then learn about the things to do both on campus and off campus, featuring photography showing impressive buildings to study in and amazing mountain ranges to explore. Finally, on the last panel, a breakdown of costs and related information, shown only after the reader sees all the other information.