FunHaus Peake Poster Series

The What:

Matt Peake is a character from the gaming and comedy YouTube channel FunHaus.¬†With all the loud, excited, and off the wall comics on the channel, Matt Peake is the ultimate no-nonsense straight man with a never ending deadpan to balance out the cast with his simple desire to “get back to work.” The fanbase took a liking to him for some reason, and decided to hail him as some kind of hero, often posting in forums and livestreams a pair of slashes to symbolize a mountain’s peak, as a play on his last name. I decided I must elevate him further.


Adopting both the FunHaus branding colors and a soviet-style propaganda look, I made a series of three semi-connected posters depicting Matt Peake as some kind of Stalin-esque leader. The first poster is a call to arms, the second serves to remind the followers of Peake the importance hard work, and the third just bares his double-slash-mark symbol.