Serve Metrics Page

The What:

serve was a Discord management bot that was under development by a international team of designers, web developers and programmers that are volunteering their time to develop it. I was asked to help with the UI and branding design in late 2017, as well as helping with many minor elements in my free time. The project unfortunately is on hold indefinitely.

I spent a fair deal of time working on the UI mockups for a metrics tracker, as (at the time) Neither Discord nor any bots have a user-friendly metrics system that server owners can utilize. As someone who was running a number of servers at the time, I felt that having a good and comprehensive metrics feature is something that many other server administrators may welcome.

The How:

Dashboard of the metrics section.

In creating the dashboard, I recognized that admins would want to see in a quick and easy way the most important bits of information in a clear and direct manner, and if they needed to better understand anything they would then go to a specific page. So I threw up the most useful and most general information in a clear and easy to read way, using bright colors to distinguish data from overall dark tone of the page. While the majority of the colors are meaningless, I used the orange and red only in places where the statistics could be a negative or nearly negative value to the admin.