Hush Brand Identity

The What:

Gasp is a premium infant and toddler clothing and supply retailer. They wanted a full brand that accurately represented their values of premium quality, as well as blissful and nurturing sleep. However, they wanted to avoid anything similar to brands like Pampers and Huggies.

I lead a team of designers to create this brand and it’s branding manual. In addition to being a team leader, I created the original logo design, stationary, and wrote the branding manual.

The Why:

For the logo to convey the feeling of a premium product while keeping a soft touch, I used a slim and narrow typeface cast in a royal purple, and I gave the lettering plenty of space to breath. I then cradled the type in a slim yellow moon, with the stem of the “h” aligning with the tips of the moon.

Spread of page 8 and 9

The branding manual needed firm language that was forward thinking of any and all possible use or misuse of the brand. Furthermore, the design of the manual itself needed to be a prime example of the brand in action. Premium colors, and space for content to breath were key here.