Anti-Facebook Posters

The What:

I have long been concerned with Facebook’s constantly expanding attempts to force it’s prying eyes into our every day lives, and I am not alone in my fears. I have minimized my use of the platform, and limited it’s technological reach through a variety of privacy applications and by restricting what their apps can do on my phone. With the recent controversy surrounding Cambridge Analytica I decided now was the best time to bring attention to the long-standing privacy issues regarding Facebook.

The Why:

The posters are designed to mimic Facebook’s branding using their brand fonts and colors. However, as the reader moves down the poster (and further down the rabbit hole) they encounter a pattern that relates visually to the topic. The posters all conclude with a call to action and rallying cry: #DeleteFacebook. They also feature sources when appropriate to respond to anyone saying “There is no way they really do that, right?”